Should I bring my own bags for shopping?
Sellers will have some bags and packaging materials available but feel free to bring some of your bags just in case they run out.

What type of payment is accepted?
We recommend Newlywed Sellers to accept both credit card and cash.

What time should I arrive fro the event? 
Arrive at least an hour before the event begins. Typically shoppers wait in line over an hour to enter into the event.

How many Newlywed sellers will there be?
Over 80 Newlyweds will be selling their wedding items.

Will there be wedding dresses for sale?

Are children allowed to attend the event?
We recommend leaving the kiddos at home, however, if you do have to bring a child, those 4 years and younger get in free. Due to space restrictions, strollers are NOT allowed.

I saw a photo posted of an item for sale on the FB page, can I purchase it now?!
No, this is a preview of what is for sale at the event and you must be present at the event to purchase.

Still, have questions? Shoot us an email info@recycledweddingboutique.net